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Omochi -Rice cake- Grand Prix 2020

To make rice cake, “mochi", steam short-grain, japonica glutinous rice, “mochigome”,

and pound it while it’s hot using a rice mortar, or “usu”, and a pestle, or “kine”.

The rice cake was a special thing to eat at festivals and year-round events

that the Japanese have cherished since ancient times.

There is a custom of getting vitality from the gods.

On New Year's Day, as a recourse of dwelling the year god who visits the houses,

we serve rice cake to the alcove and the god shelf at the end of the year.

On January 11th, we bake it or eat it in rice cake soup or adzuki‐bean soup.


Omochi -Rice cake- Grand Prix 2020

January 11th, Saturday & January 18th, Saturday
18:00 - 22:00

Let’s make SADOU HOSTEL's specially selected unique menu with the cooking

instructor and eat them and get the power of the year god.

Please vote for the menu that you enjoyed and found the most delicious.

The recipe creator with the most votes will get the prizes.


Price: FREE for guests of SADOU HOSTEL
Sign up: Please come to the reception by 12:00pm on the day of Grand Prix

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