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Japanese Cooking

Making Japanese food

Sushi Special


​Sushi Roll, Tempra, Miso Soup, Dessert


Ramen noodles, Gyoza dumplings - From 2 people


Udon noodles, Takoyaki octopus dumplings- From 2 people



YANAKA walk about

Exploring Yanaka area

Old-fashioned shops and the surrounding area of Yanaka where old house way remains
We will walk while exploring the volunteer guide and the historical culture of the town.
Let 's enjoy Japan's journey by listening to sightseeing in Tokyo and local information etc from the guide!.

Visit To The Sumo Stables

Currently not offered

Sumo wrestling traditional techniques in their art and sports of Japanese martial arts such as judo and kendo. It is the national sports of Japan to inherit.
SADOU HOSTEL is close to the Bilingual area where the sumo wrestling gathers, and at the tour event, you can see powerful wrestlers' practice in the same way.

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Visit To The Sumo Stables / 相撲部屋 見学

Visit To The Sumo Stables / 相撲部屋 見学

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