Hospitality in the heart of

the tea ceremony

We feel Our philosophy is a "Once in a lifetime opportunity"

which means "Once in a lifetime opportunity" is a proverb from the tea ceremony.
It is the spirit of traditional Japanese hospitality.

We want to make these opportunities available for you to meet new people from foreign countries and

Japanese culture and people in Japan,To enjoy the journey of Japan to the utmost.
That is our mission.

Services and programs that take the concept of  "Once in a lifetime opportunity"

Encounter with Japanese people

Sadou Lounge

You can receive guides and volunteer, support from the time you make your
reservation. After check-in, real support in the community space You can also interact with volunteers and Japanese guest using ”What's up”

Encounter with Japanese culture


You can experience activities such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, kimono, pottery and other cultural experiences at a low prices.

Home visit

A program to make lunch together and cooperate in local families.


Introducing events conducted in the lounge and in the area
Cherry-blossom viewing, Haiku walking,  Japanese cooking, etc.

Omochi -Rice cake-

Grand Prix 2020

 Let’s make SADOU HOSTEL's specially selected unique menu with the cooking instructor and eat them and get the power of the year god.

January 11th, Sat & January 18th, Sat
18:00 - 22:00

Shops & Restaurants

We are introducing some delicious shops in the surrounding area.

Tourist information

We are introducing recommended tourist spots.

Sadou Hostel

Mileage Discounts

Where are you from?
Depending on the destination ( from Your country to Japan )
Room rates will be discounted. 3% to 10% off

Please present ID at check in



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